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Ensure you partner with a XERO specialist! Imagine buying your dream car, you know what it looks like, sounds like, smells like and how you imagine it drives… Now imagine finally getting your hands on it and then only ever getting in to second gear! What a waste of all that power and fun!

If you, like millions of others, are ready to make the move from old fashioned spreadsheets or offline software to the world of online bookkeeping then be sure not to make the mistake that so many others did, rushing in to it and never really making the most of the opportunity. Next Gen Accountants make it our focus to know everything there is to know about cloud accounting and all the apps that surround it. We will train, support and constantly challenge you to make sure you are spending as little time and money as possible on bookkeeping and also making the most of all the wonderful technology out there.

If you are not sure what cloud bookkeeping is then Xero is cloud based which means both you and your accountant can access your accounts from anywhere and we can look at your accounts with no need to exchange files, EASY! Best of all, because your books are kept up to date easily and accurately, we are able to provide real time support and advice without having to wait until after your year end when our advice could be given too late.





Whether you’re considering moving to the cloud or you’ve already moved and found yourself confused and lost (this is so common) then contact us now to find out how we can help. Click Here

The world of online apps to help you make more money, save time and be more successful doesn’t stop at Xero. We love technology and we will spend thousands of hours researching the best options so you don’t have to.

ReceiptBank is a great example of how you can save time so why not ask us about this next time you speak to us (or call now)